Culinary Delights Abound!

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Microgreens are used as both a visual and flavor component, primarily in fine dining restaurants but you can take your plates to new heights just by adding microgreens. Chefs use colorful microgreens to enhance the attractiveness and taste of their dishes with distinct delicate textures and unique flavors, such as sweet and spicy. Have fun playing around with the different flavors and adding them to some of your favorite dishes you cook at home. 

Try adding our spicy red radish and white ice mustard microgreens to your breakfast or brunch plates, they compliment any egg dish. The midori salad blend micros pair wonderfully with avocado toast, lunch sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese, and as soup garnishes to name a few. The larger, pea and sunflower shoots can take the place of  traditional lettuce for your salads; in fact we recommend using them primarily as your salad base. These two shoots are so versatile, we can put them in any dish we make. The pea shoots hold up well to heat and are a great addition to stir fry dishes, casseroles, and soups. They also taste phenomenal in a health shake/smoothie as they provide that natural sweet pea taste.

If your taste buds are in the mood for sweet, mild and full flavor we highly recommend trying our Midori cabbage blend, the purple kohlrabi or broccoli micros. Those micros are also considered super foods so not only will your taste buds be thanking you but your body will too.

The combinations and options are endless! Midori microgreens will bring both a visual and flavor 'pop' to your everyday meals.

Bon appetit! 

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Vichyssoise topped with sun shoots

breakfast burrito

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breakfast sandwich

Breakfast sandwich with micros.jpg

farro beet bowl with sunflower shoots

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gourmet pizza topped with midori micros

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Rebecca’s Microgreen Dressing



In a bowl or salad dressing bottle mix the following ingredients:

•1 cup of avocado oil or olive oil

•Juice of 2 lemons

•1 garlic clove, pressed

•1 teaspoon pink salt

•½ teaspoon Herbs de Provence

•Fresh ground pepper to taste

*Be sure to thoroughly whisk (or shake if you are using a dressing bottle) all ingredients to get a nice blend of the yummy flavors